BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing London'

Touch Surgery

Mute Soundproofing® & Touch Surgery reduce reverberation at London meeting rooms.

Old Street, London - Office Acoustics.

Mute Soundproofing® was commissioned by Touch Surgery to design and install a retrofit, sound absorptive solution for 4 meeting rooms.   The meeting rooms are frequently used for TV and teleconferencing, therefore, the acoustic conditions must facilitate undistorted communication; requiring reverberation times of approximately 0.5 seconds.   The meeting rooms feature multi-barreled ceilings (ill-suited to…

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Soundproofing An Open Plan Apartment

Mute Soundproofing® creates ‘flexible’ sound insulated sleeping area for live/work space.

King's Cross, London - Residential/Commercial Noise Control.

The client required a private and peaceful, yet ‘flexible’ sleeping area, that, after use, could be almost entirely opened-up, to restore the expansive feel of the open-plan, warehouse apartment. Additionally, because the client is a fashion photographer, who regularly uses the space for shoots, the solution needed to be simple and inconspicuous. Mute Soundproofing® designed…

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Mute Soundproofing® continue installation of bespoke acoustic doors at The Goring Hotel.

Belgravia, London - Hotel Room Sound Insulation.

Following-on from a successful phase 1, in April last year, The Goring has extended Mute Soundproofing’s contract, to continue acoustically upgrading the separating doors between their rooms. Mute Soundproofing® will be employing a custom-made acoustic solution, such that the replacement doors will blend seamlessly with the hotel’s luxury interiors, whilst maximising acoustic functionality.

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World Health Organization logo

Practical summary of WHO’s Night Noise Guidelines for Europe (2009).

Noise, Sleep and Health: Sleep is a biological necessity, and disturbed sleep is associated with a number of health problems. Noise disturbs sleep by a number of direct and indirect pathways. Even at very low levels physiological reactions (increase in heart rate, body movements and arousals) can be reliably measured. Based on the systematic review…

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Mute Home Interiors & Soundproofing

Mute Soundproofing® launches Mute HOME for London’s residential sector.

Mute Soundproofing® is increasingly becoming the contractor of choice for London’s commercial sector, most recently working on behalf of Disney, The Goring Hotel and the Royal College of Art. Whilst Mute Soundproofing® welcomes this exciting development, it’s important to remember that the company’s origins lie in servicing London’s residential sector. In light of this, Mute HOME…

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Acoustic Floating Floor System In Domestic Refurbishment

Mute Soundproofing® completes luxury residential refurbishments, incorporating sound insulation works to satisfy Building Regulations – Part E.

Belsize Park & Regent's Park, London - Domestic Sound Insulation.

Mute Soundproofing® was commissioned to manage the refurbishment of two luxury, north London dwellings, specifically, a two bed, garden apartment in Belsize Park and a two bed, duplex apartment in Regent’s Park. The Belsize Park project involved the installation of an acoustic suspended ceiling system, to reduce impact and airborne sound passage via the party…

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HSE logo

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations 2005) require employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work. Employees have duties under the Regulations too. The Regulations require employers to: – Assess the risks to employees from noise at work; – Take action to reduce the…

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Central Criminal Court Old Bailey

‘Noise and the Law’ – a useful synopsis, courtesy of Bedford Borough Council.

Tort of Private Nuisance: Nuisance law dates back to medieval times when its main purpose was to eradicate the nasty and unpleasant elements of everyday life, such as stinking privies! The tort has continued and developed as a form of legal action with which to protect the environment. In this context, the protection of property…

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World Health Organization logo

Helpful extracts from Professor Colin H. Hansen’s ‘Fundamentals of Acoustics’, published by WHO.

Sound and Noise:  Noise can be defined as “disagreeable or undesired sound” or other disturbance…the differentiation is greatly subjective. What is sound to one person can very well be noise to somebody else. From the acoustics point of view, sound and noise constitute the same phenomenon…the result of pressure variations, or oscillations, in an elastic…

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Illustration of government approved building regulations part E documents

3 things you might not know about Building Regulations – Part E.

1. Building Regulations – Part E1 – Protection against sound from other parts of the building and adjoining buildings: Separating walls and floors between adjoining residential dwellings are subject to Building Regulations – Part E1. However, pre-completion sound tests (to verify compliance) only apply where access to the adjoining dwellings can be enforced by Building…

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Disney logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Disney enhance acoustics at Lyceum Theatre.

Covent Garden, London - Theatre Acoustics.

Mute Soundproofing® provided an interior acoustics solution for Disney’s back-office production centre, at the Lyceum Theatre, where the world famous Lion King is showing. Mute Soundproofing® worked closely with Disney’s production team, to formulate a scheme of works sympathetic to the theatre’s recent interior refurbishment, as undertaken by Trifle Creative.

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The Goring Hotel logo

Mute Soundproofing® & The Goring Hotel deliver bespoke noise control solution.

Belgravia, London - Hotel Room Sound Insulation.

Located on a leafy street in Belgravia, this Edwardian era hotel is the last remaining family-owned luxury hotel in London. A Royal favourite, it is the only hotel to have been awarded a Royal Warrant for hospitality services. The hotel’s intimate atmosphere will be enhanced by acoustically upgrading separating doors between the magnificent rooms. Mute…

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London underground tube logo

Feasibility study on attenuating London Underground groundborne noise nuisance.

London Underground Ltd. studied groundborne noise levels and complaint thresholds following the opening of the Victoria Line. The data has been used to define a complaint threshold of around 40dB L AFmax. Local authorities have published standards for groundborne noise, usually in response to specific rail projects affecting their jurisdiction. In relation to the Channel…

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Royal College of Art Logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Royal College of Art initiate reverberation time measurements at Kensington Gore campus.

Kensington, London - Art Gallery Acoustics.

Currently, the first floor fashion department is affected by airborne sound ingress from the ground floor café/gallery area, largely, as a consequence of two open balconies, which connect the two spaces. The RCA are seeking a discreet, acoustic solution, avoiding solid partitions, if possible. Accordingly, Mute Soundproofing® will carry-out a schedule of reverberation time measurements, to determine…

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ASOS logo

Mute Soundproofing® & ASOS design & install interior acoustics, reducing reverberation times, for audio/visual recording studio.

Camden, London – Recording Studio Acoustics.

ASOS commissioned Mute Soundproofing® to improve the acoustics inside their audio/visual recording studio, at their UK offices in Camden, North London. By reducing reverberation times, the installation will significantly improve the quality of audio recordings, during on-site, video fashion shoots. ASOS is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer and offers over 60,000…

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Gain logo

Mute Soundproofing® & GAIN employ test-based solution to reduce sound passage between connecting meeting rooms.

Old Street, London – Meeting Room Sound Insulation.

Based on a schedule of airborne sound testing, Mute Soundproofing® designed and installed a system specified to reduce sound passage between adjoining meeting rooms, notably via the suspended ceiling cavity. The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is an international organization driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition.

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Comptoir des Cotonniers logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Comptoir des Cotonniers resolve sound ingress from London store to residential dwellings.

Hampstead, London – Shop Floor Noise Control.

Mute Soundproofing® assisted Comptoir des Cotonniers to prevent sound ingress, from one of their London stores, disturbing residential dwellings above, notably by specifying an alternative audio system; replacing ceiling integrated speakers with a floor-mounted installation.

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ERM logo

Mute Soundproofing® & ERM implement test-based solution, to attenuate sound bleed between connecting office spaces.

City of London – Office Noise Control.

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. Based on a schedule of airborne sound testing, Mute Soundproofing® designed and installed a system specified to reduce sound bleed between tele-conferencing rooms and connecting private offices.

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Menlo Park Music logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Menlo Park Music sound insulate new central London HQ.

West End, London – Creative Studio Sound Insulation.

Mute Soundproofing® sound insulated Menlo Park Music headquarters in central London. With the success of their band, Menlo Park went on to become Bafta award winning composers and producers. Collaborating most recently with Anton Corbijn and Romain Gavras for Dior.

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Home recording studio

Mute Soundproofing® & professional sound recordist design & build domestic recording studio.

Islington, London – Recording Studio Sound Insulation & Acoustics.

Mute Soundproofing® were commissioned to design and install a ‘Room Within A Room’ system, creating a home recording studio, for two existing, domestic outbuildings, to form a ‘Live Room’ and ‘Control Room’, with a performance criteria of > R’w55dB. The system included twin, acoustic door-sets, connecting the Live Room to the adjoining Studio Room and the…

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Glazed acoustic doors integrated with office partition

Mute Soundproofing® supply & install acoustic door-sets for a range of applications, including offices & editing suites.

Generally, the preference in offices is to have fully-glazed doors. However, in terms of noise control, they tend to perform poorly, providing little more than Rw20 – 22dB (airborne sound insulation). This is largely due to their lightweight construction and lack of airtightness at the perimeter and threshold. Mute Soundproofing® supplies and installs fully-glazed acoustic doors,…

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University of Westminster logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Westminster University design & install noise control system for Marylebone Road Campus.

Marylebone, London - Server Room Soundproofing.

The noise control solution is focused on server room soundproofing; attenuating sound transmission between rooms to reduce noise from their main server room, affecting adjoining offices. Mute Soundproofing® has been contracted to commence noise control works, at the university, to reduce sound transmission in late May.

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CP and B Logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Trifle Creative improve interior acoustics in design studios at CP+B.

King's Cross, London - Design Studio Acoustics.

CP+B are a global brand agency, whose clients include Sony and Microsoft. Trifle Creative design offices, showrooms and retail spaces, capturing their client’s brand identity with an exciting, energising style of their own. Mute Soundproofing® collaborated with Trifle Creative to improve interior acoustics and sound quality in design studios.

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Steel acoustic door sets

Mute Soundproofing® & Stitch Editing design & build additional TV editing suites, with steel acoustic door-sets.

Soho, London - TV Editing Suite Sound Insulation.

As part of ongoing expansion, Stitch commissioned Mute Soundproofing® to design and build two new high-specification TV editing suites at their London offices, integrating steel acoustic door-sets (see inset) and acoustic internal glazing. Having worked with Stitch on three separate occasions, Mute Soundproofing® looks forward to continuing this successful relationship. For further project information, please…

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Acoustic ceiling

Mute Soundproofing® & EQT design & install sound absorption system for executive boardroom.

Soho, London - Boardroom Acoustics.

EQT commissioned Mute Soundproofing® to improve the acoustics inside their executive boardroom, at their UK offices in London’s Golden Square. The sound absorption installation, applied directly to a suspended ceiling, needed to integrate service panels and recessed lighting. EQT invests in companies across the world, with a mission to help them grow and prosper by providing…

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British Institute of Interior Design Industry Partner logo

Mute Soundproofing® selected as Industry Partner for British Institute of Interior Design.

The UK’s pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers.

The BIID is the only professional organisation, for interior designers, to have received ‘institute’ status. Their mission is to encourage and support good design and competence. In addition to rigorous entry requirements, members must continue their professional development, to uphold expertise in design process, practice and regulatory matters. Industry Partners include Steinway & Sons, Linley and…

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HSBC logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Kruz Developments reduce sound transmission, improving customer confidentiality at HSBC.

Camberley, Surrey - Customer Meeting Room Soundproofing.

Mute Soundproofing® is working to improve confidentiality in the bank’s Camberley High Street branch, by implementing a system to resolve sound transmission between their customer meeting rooms. Phase 1 involves a series of airborne sound tests, to ascertain existing levels of insulation and to pinpoint acoustical weaknesses; critical to formulating a focused and effective scheme…

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Millicom logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Millicom International sound insulate CEO’s office ceiling.

Chiswick, London - Private Office Sound Insulation.

Millicom offers a range of digital lifestyle products and services to over 45 million customers in emerging markets.  The office space has a suspended ceiling, with perforated tiles and the ceiling cavity extends across the entire office footprint. Consequently airborne sound travels freely, over partition walls, through the suspended ceiling cavity, from one space to…

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Bar Kick sports bar Shoreditch

Mute Soundproofing® & Bar Kick mitigate airborne sound, from the venue, causing noise nuisance to residential dwellings.

Shoreditch, London - Cafe / Bar Noise Control. 

Bar Kick is a sports bar on Shoreditch High Street, famous for table football and live football screenings. Airborne sound generated within the bar was reaching residential dwellings above the venue. The bar commissioned an acoustic assessment report by RBA Acoustics and Mute Soundproofing®, aided by that report and further practical investigations, designed and installed a solution…

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Opentable logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Open Table International reduce sound ingress & reverberation times at UK headquarters.

Old Street, London - Meeting Room Noise Control & Acoustics.

Open Table is a U.S. company, which provides restaurants with an electronic reservation system, offering end-users a free online, real-time reservation service. Launched in San Francisco, the company has since expanded to cities all over the world. A number of meeting rooms, at their London-based, European headquarters, have restricted use, due to prolonged reverberation times…

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Netflix logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Netflix improve office acoustics, reducing echo at their London headquarters.

Fitzrovia, London - Office Acoustics.

Netflix is the world’s leading internet subscription service for TV programmes and films, with more than 37 million subscribers streaming worldwide. Mute Soundproofing® has been contracted by Netflix to design and install a method of reducing echo at their London headquarters to improve office acoustics.

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Tristan Bates Theatre logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Tristan Bates Theatre, design & install sound ingress solution for main theatre.

Covent Garden, London - Theatre Sound Insulation.

The Tristan Bates Theatre was founded by Sir Alan Bates in memory of his son. As described by Time Out London, the theatre is “a hotbed of new writing, performing and production talent.” Mute Soundproofing® will customise a solution to reduce airborne sound ingress. The application will improve the theatre’s acoustics, providing a more intimate…

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Trullo Restaurant

Mute Soundproofing® & Trullo enhance interior acoustics at award-winning restaurant.

Islington, London - Restaurant Acoustics.

Trullo is an Italian restaurant, boasting an award for best young chef and offering a dining experience lauded by the likes of Giles Coren and Jay Rayner. Mute Soundproofing® will design and install a system to improve the restaurant acoustics, in and around the busy service area. The result will be a more intimate dining…

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Roof Bar

Mute Soundproofing® & ME London implement bespoke, noise reduction acoustic installation for Radio Rooftop Bar.

Covent Garden, London - Hotel Sound Insulation & Acoustics.

ME London is an exclusive, lifestyle hotel, designed by world-renowned architectural practice Fosters + Partners. It is located in the heart of London’s West End, where the Strand meets Aldwych. Mute Soundproofing® has been instructed to design and build a discreet acoustic installation for the hotel’s Radio Rooftop Bar; a noise reduction system to enhance…

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GQ Employment Law logo

Mute Soundproofing® & GQ Employment Law design & install sound absorption system to reduce echo in executive boardroom.

City of London - Boardroom Acoustics.

Mute Soundproofing® formulated a sound absorption system for the firm’s boardroom, incorporating surface-fixed acoustic panels and Cloudsorption suspended sound absorption panels to reduce echo.

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Paul Smith logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Paul Smith design & install acoustic solution to reduce reverberation at London HQ.

Covent Garden, London - Meeting Room Acoustics.

The iconic fashion label has commissioned Mute Soundproofing® to design and install an acoustic solution to reduce reverberation at their head office meeting rooms. The meeting rooms to be treated have been interior designed to reflect the Paul Smith aesthetic. With this in mind, Mute Soundproofing® will formulate a complementary application to reduce reverberation and prevent…

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Domestic Cinema

Mute Soundproofing® & residential client specify & install acoustic wall mounted application for domestic cinema room.

Wimbledon, London - Cinema Acoustics.

Mute Soundproofing® was commissioned to specify and install an acoustic wall mounted application for a domestic cinema room in a residential dwelling. Mute Soundproofing® undertook an on-site assessment, including sound testing, to ascertain the most appropriate application, to optimise the acoustic performance of existing audio-visual equipment. Coresorption acoustic wall mounted panels were cut and fabric-covered…

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Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club Logo

Mute Soundproofing® & Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club conduct schedule of diagnostic sound testing at jazz music venue.

Soho, London - Music Venue Sound Insulation & Acoustics.

Paving the way for many legendary performances since 1959, the celebrated music venue, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has featured the most famous names in modern jazz and jazz fusion, including Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Sonny Rollins. The club commissioned Mute Soundproofing® to carry out an on-site diagnostic sound test, notably, in relation to sound…

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All Saints Church

Mute Soundproofing® & All Saints’ Church measure reverberation times in main hall for custom design & installation.

Woodford Wells, Essex - Church Acoustics.

All Saints’ Church is a large, originally Victorian, Church in Inman’s Row, Woodford Wells. Mute Soundproofing® carried out a site survey at the church, which included testing reverberation times, to formulate an echo-attenuating system. This custom-designed church acoustics solution is to be installed in the main hall and the adjoining atrium.

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The Pryors Hampstead

Mute Soundproofing® & Parkwood Management execute timber floors feasibility study at The Pryors.

Hampstead, London - Residential Soundproofing.

Mute Soundproofing® carried out an on-site investigation at the prestigious The Pryors apartments, to determine the practicability of proposed timber floors. The brief was to establish the potential for subsequent noise nuisance, with a view to formulating preventative best practice. The site investigation culminated in a detailed report, advising feasibility and appropriate methodology for preventative…

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