BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

BS 8283 states that in rooms for “study and work requiring concentration” (e.g. staff/meeting room or training room), a suitable design range would be 35 – 45 dB, L Aeq,T.

For an executive office, the range is slightly lower at 35 – 40 dB, L Aeq,T.

Whilst, for open-plan office spaces, where privacy is important, the target design guide is 45 – 50 dB, L Aeq,T.

Building Bulletin 93 – Acoustic Design of Schools, also provides guidance on suitable ambient noise levels inside offices, specifically within a school setting; suggesting an upper limit target of 40 dB, L Aeq,30min for new build schools or 45 dB, L Aeq,30min for refurbishments.

The same target values are given for study rooms, which includes rooms for individual study, withdrawal, remedial work or teacher preparation.

Additionally, BB93 places a requirement that indoor ambient noise levels should not exceed 60 dB, L Aeq,30min, in order to protect against regular short-duration noise events.

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