Mute Group – Leading the way in Acoustical Design & Build

Mute Group has led the way in acoustical design & build since its formation in 2010 – comprised of three specialist divisions, operating across London.

Mute Soundproofing® specialises in architectural noise control, vibration control and acoustics, for the commercial, public and residential sectors – where necessary, to satisfy industry sector regulations, including Building Regulations – Part E. Clients include Disney, HSBC, Netflix and Skype.

Mute Acoustics® caters specifically for the music industry; designing and building professional-grade recording studios, live rooms and music practice rooms.

Akustak® is Mute Group’s in-house, patent pending, product line; a Part E compliantenvironmentally sustainablemodular acoustic partitioning system (lab-tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 & 717-1).

Akustak® is engineered for materials optimisation, off-site construction and reuse; minimising waste to landfill during manufacture, installation and deconstruction. Additionally, its unique modular design radically reduces installation times (compared with traditional stud-wall construction), whilst mitigating noise, dust and disruption on-site.