SERVICES ‘Systematic soundproofing London’

Mute Soundproofing® specialises in noise control, vibration control and acoustics, providing a design and installation service for London’s commercial, industrial, public and residential sectors. Mute offers expert guidance on numerous acoustical products and systems, including:

  • Absorbers & Diffusers
  • Ceiling Rafts & Hanging Baffles
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Dampers / Anti-vibration Mounts
  • Doors / Acoustic Door Seals
  • Enclosures
  • Floor Systems / Floating Floors
  • Internal Walls / Partitions
  • Isolated Foundations
  • Louvres
  • Modular Acoustic Rooms
  • Movable Acoustic Walls
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Panels (Fabric & Timber)
  • Windows and Glazing


From the initial consultation through to completion, Mute Soundproofing® manages projects in 5 key phases, summarized as follows:

Phase 1: Consultation

Through in-depth consultation, the client’s acoustic requirements are established and a coherent project brief is formulated.

Phase 2: Site Survey

All relevant information is recorded from site. Where appropriate, practical investigations and/or sound tests are undertaken, i.e. more in-depth analysis is often required to facilitate effective acoustic design and planning.

(Pre-works sound tests can also be employed to provide clients with greater accountability, i.e. ‘before’ and ‘after’ test results can be compared to gauge the efficacy of a solution or cross-referenced against pre-specified acoustic performance criteria, to verify compliance).

Mute sound tests are carried out by a qualified acoustical engineer and culminate in a comprehensive report, detailing the results.

Phase 3: Design and Planning

Information gathered, through Phase 1 and Phase 2 is utilised to design the most appropriate acoustical system, where necessary, to satisfy industry sector regulations, including Building Regulations – Part E.

For more uncustomary contracts, laboratory testing may be undertaken, to ensure a system will perform to the requisite acoustical standards.

Technical drawings and plans are produced, as required, along with method statements, risk assessments, work and payment schedules; to be signed-off, by the client, prior to manufacture and installation.

Phase 4: Manufacture and Installation

Mute’s specialist fabricators manufacture any bespoke components, in accordance with technical drawings produced and approved in Phase 3, whilst their in-house team of construction professionals undertake the installation, coordinated and managed by a chartered construction manager.

For certain projects, Mute will adopt a consultancy and/or supervisory role, instructing and/or overseeing installations undertaken by external contractors.

Phase 5: Completion

On completion, the installation is rigorously inspected to ensure it complies fully with design specifications. Where applicable, pre-completion sound tests are undertaken, including UKAS-accredited testing, to verify compliance with pre-specified acoustic performance criteria, including Building Regulations – Part E.