BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

Design And Build Home recording studio

Mute Soundproofing® were commissioned to design and build a ‘Room Within A Room’ system, creating a home recording studio, for two existing, domestic outbuildings, to form a ‘Live Room’ and ‘Control Room’, with a performance criteria of > R’w55dB.

The system included twin, acoustic door-sets, connecting the Live Room to the adjoining Studio Room and the Studio Room to the adjoining domestic dwelling-space. Primary and secondary glazed, sliding acoustic doors, connecting both rooms to an internal courtyard, were also integrated, as were acoustic power-points and a sound attenuating, air-ventilation system.

On completion of the ‘Room Within A Room’ system, the interior acoustics were diagnosed and treated, employing wall and ceiling-mounted absorbers, to achieve the correct tonal balance, required for professional quality home recording studio productions.

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