BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

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TfL’s Noise & Vibration Asset Design Guidance, stipulates that:

“The noise from sub surface underground railways should not be considered to be significant if the groundborne noise as measured in a residential dwelling does not give rise to an average maximum noise level exceeding 40 dB, LAFmax. This is based on an assessment of at least 10 trains for the line being assessed.”

It goes on to say:

“In recognition that the sensitivity of people to noise can vary significantly the designers should use reasonable endeavours to meet a more stringent requirement of 35 dB, LAFmax.”

Mute Soundproofing®, after many years of research and development, recently completed Phase 1 of soundproofing works at a Victorian domestic dwelling-house in Clapham, adversely affected by groundborne tube noise – demonstrating, through pre-completion testing, that a retro-fit, interior solution can satisfy TfL’s stringent requirements.

To view the detailed case-study, please follow the link:

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