BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

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Mute Soundproofing® silenced a noisy extractor fan, resolving noise pollution from a laser cutting company in Vauxhall, London. A high profile laser cutting service consulted Mute Soundproofing® regarding noise pollution from an industrial extractor fan, which was causing noise disturbance to their design studio and shop floor. The fan had been fixed directly to a mezzanine, causing vibration to resonate throughout the work space.

A soundproofing system was formulated to isolate the fan from the mezzanine and reduce airborne sound transmission, utilising high-density block-work, M20AD, Film Faced Absorber Barrier and SoundBlocker Quilt; subsequently resolving noise pollution and restoring quiet in the workplace, to create a suitable environment for productivity. It’s a great success,” says the Managing Director. “We’re very happy.”

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