BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

Deafness Research UK logo

Mute Soundproofing® features as a benefactor in Deafness Research UK magazine, sponsoring research into hearing impairment therapies.

The booklet highlights Deafness Research’s studies and discoveries, explaining the charity’s work in prevention and treatment as well as detection and diagnosis of hearing loss. Its research is aimed at reducing the impact of hearing impairment. Sponsorship helps to prevent and reverse deafness, deliver new therapies and make new discoveries.

Speaking about the work that the charity does, His Royal Highness The Duke of York (the charity’s Patron) says: “Research into noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus is just one aspect of the vital work that Deafness Research UK supports through its grants programme. I am certain that through their continued work with this and other areas of deafness, and importantly with our support, this organisation can make a significant contribution to defeating deafness.”

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