BLOG 'A chronology of soundproofing systems London'

Skype logoMute Soundproofing® used sound absorption panels to reduce echo  inside meeting rooms.

Reverberation, in one of Skype’s video conference meeting rooms, was suitably reduced, through the use of Cloudsorption anti-reverberation panels, suspended horizontally from the ceiling (the subsequent air-gap between the panels and the ceiling, provides additional sound-absorbing surface area), and Echosorption soundproofing panels, fixed directly to the walls.

Both sound-absorbing methods combined to effectively reduce echo, making the room a suitable space for carrying speech clearly; the voice travels without reflection, but it is still loud enough to be heard. Based on the success of this installation, Mute Soundproofing® is scheduled to carry-out works, to reduce echo, throughout Skype’s London offices.

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