Residential Soundproofing London:
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Home Recording Studio


Private residence, Shoreditch, London

Project Brief

To design and build a recording studio, inside a penthouse apartment, for a professional recording artist, who specialises in House Music and Dubstep.

Specifically, the client required a space to freely practice and record live music, day or night, without being disturbed or causing disturbance to neighbouring apartments. Accordingly, the studio would need to isolate a broad range of sound frequencies (40-16kHz), as per the client’s musical genre, at sound pressure levels in the region of 85-90dB (taking into account the sound insulating performance of the pre-existing partitions, off-set against background noise levels).

To design and build a studio space that fits seamlessly with the surrounding architecture and reflects the client’s unique interior design aesthetic.

Recording Studio Installation

Space designated for recording studio.

Stud/Rail floating floor components, atop original sub-floor.

Stud/Rail floating floor system, including acoustic insulation and timber ply deck.

1st layer of high-density, concrete-impregnated, T&G floorboards, atop ply deck.

Fully installed 2nd layer of high-density, concrete-impregnated, T&G floorboards, plus 1st fix electrics.

Floating floor system, isolated from original perimeter walls, with peripheral resilient foam lining.

Fully independent, ‘Room Within A Room’ (R.W.A.R.) framework, suitably off-set, to mitigate unwanted interior acoustics, including flutter echoes.

Independent framework, fitted with acoustic insulation.

Independent framework, fitted with internal, double-paned, acoustic window.

Independent framework, fitted with secondary glazed, acoustic sliding doors.


Sound attenuating, air-intake and out-take ductwork, fitted above independent framework.

Independent, framework, fitted with resilient bars.

Fully boarded independent framework, ready for plastering.

High-density, acoustic door (internal face), fitted with double acoustic perimeter and threshold seals.

High-density, acoustic door (external face), designed to close flush with surrounding wall-sections.

High-density, acoustic door (external face), fitted with flush-pull handle.

High-density, acoustic door (internal face), fitted with concealed mortice hinges.

Electrical switches, fitted with acoustic back-boxes.